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Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg

Town Toure

Departs nightly at 8:00 from the Historic Dobbin House, 89 Steinwehr Ave.
The tour lasts about approximately 90 minutes.
Tickets: $8.00 per person, children seven and under are free ( limit one per paying adult).

While many other Gettysburg Tours tease you with the promise of spirits and ghosts supposedly held hostage within the confines of the walls of their company (apparently with nothing else to do but wait for you to stop by)... we say, "let's go out and find them because ghosts know no boundaries!" We strive to take you "off the beaten track" in search of many, many wandering lost souls and spirits, not just one "captive"
ghost left behind from yesteryear. Journey with your guide into the realms of the unknown and the unpredictable on a 3-5 block ghost walk "in and around" the historic district, covering some of the most haunted spots in Gettysburg. You will hear, see and experience local haunts and legends, blended with human interest and historical fact as you walk down some of the very streets soldiers walked nearly a century and a half ago. Many have reported seeing a "visitor" from the "other side" in the areas that we will take you. Why be left behind, sitting indoors waiting around for the spirits to come to you when you can go out and look for them yourself? Join the ghost tour that more people return to!

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Ghost Hunt

Thursday through Sunday nights at 10:00
Departs from Dobbin House
Tickets: $15.00 per person, not recommended for children 7 and under

This tour is for our "Ghost Enthusiasts"! Walk into the realm of the unknown, with one of our paranormal investigators as they take you on a journey through the back streets and main streets of the historic
district in search of actual ghosts and apparitions we have encountered ourselves. With the use of
dowsing rods, a pendulum and an EVP recorder and other equipment our guides will take you on a
ghost hunt that is sure to please! Cameras are welcome. This is a very interactive tour!

*Specific guides cannot be guaranteed for any tour and are subject to change without notice.

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When the temperature and humidity is extremely high we ask that you please pardon us as we use individual discretion on wardrobe as we take the health of our storytellers into consideration It may not always be possible for us to dress from head to toe in Civil War attire on our tours. HOWEVER we can assure you that it will in no way change our ability to provide and entertaining tour.

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