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Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg

Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg
Photos by Jason Trayer

I was on your 8:30pm tour on 9-19-09. I am a retired Army soldier, and I was with my wife, son and daughter-in-law. I had asked you about going to the area where Reynolds was killed. We went out there and decided to go back to the school where the Tree was with the 8 dead soldiers.

My son and I decided to walk down to the wood line. I walked to the wood line, and my son stayed back from me and took pictures. When I got there I started talking. I talked about soldiering and that after the shooting was over, all soldiers are brothers. I called, "brother soldiers come out and stand with me for a picture, a tintype."

I did this for several minutes and continuously talked about a soldier’s life and death. My son was taking pictures the whole time. My son showed me the pictures here. One is with a mist around me and the second was taken about a minute after the first. I am an outdoors man, and I saw no ground fog, and I have never seen a mist like the one in the picture. I did not see the mist when the picture was taken nor did my son see it and in the next picture taken about a minute later it was gone. My son and I cannot explain this picture. In the 20 some pictures he took this mist appears only once, but I honestly feel that some brother soldiers honored me with a picture.

Yours respectfully,          
Gary Trayer          

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