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Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg

Photos by Josh Larrimore

First off, I'm writing to thank Phyllis for giving a great tour this past Sunday (10/19/08) through the cemetery--my girlfriend and I, as well as our two friends, really enjoyed it and she spoke and told her stories very well even though it was FREEZING!!

Secondly, I took a picture of the girls together up near the office building (the one where you're not allowed to go into the basement) where they're doing construction on the road, and saw a really weird "shadow" in the background.  I showed it to a couple of friends and we all agreed that it kind of looks like gentleman with an old hat on, and the dark shadow he casts is undeniable.  After playing with the coloring/lighting to try to get him to show up better, it's pretty clear that something's there when I don't remember a pole or anything being there when the photo was taken.  Although, it could just be a pole and my imagination going wild! I hope you enjoy it!  Brooke Gable is on the left and Nicole Jacobs on the right.  We we excited when we first saw it. 

Josh Larrimore

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