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Cindy's family has deep roots in Gettysburg. Her family as been in Gettysburg since the 1700's, she is the sixth generation granddaughter to Nicholas Codori who owned the Historic Codori Farm (the site of Pickett's Charge). Her grandfather was Eisenhower's messenger boy during WWII. She opened this tour company in 1997 at a local B&B, reopening at a new location under the name "Sleepy Hollow Candlelight Ghost Tours." Throughout her life Cindy has experienced countless "intuitive" feelings that her own family have come to "respect, listen to and recognize as something to pay attention to". During her years owning the second oldest ghost tour company in Gettysburg, she has had the privilege of working with what she feels are the best storytellers in all of Gettysburg as well as meeting many wonderful patrons along the way. It is with continued commitment that she and her guides maintain the integrity of entertaining you with local haunts and legends while sharing the history, human interest and paranormal tales of Gettysburg.
She feels that the stories shared are " a tribute to what happened here" and is honored to have you join her guides on a journey into the realms of the unknown.

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