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A group of friends and I just got back from the 8pm 10/17/09 Seminary Ridge Tour, and I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time. Our tour guide told such fascinating stories and he was very entertaining. To top off the evening, I ended up getting an unexplainable picture on my camera. It was the end of the tour, and we were all breaking up to walk back to the parking lot, when I decided to snap off one more picture. To my surprise and everyone else around me, a sort of mist or fog appeared in the picture. We were all there and even though it was rainy and cold there was NO fog or mist all night. Not to mention none of us saw any mist when I took the picture. It wasn't until it appeared on the screen of my digital camera that we saw the mist. I immediately started snapping pictures again in the same area and the rest of the pictures were completely clear. Made for an exciting end to a really fun tour.


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